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The longer version is found on my journal mtaiilauren, this is just a snipet. Enjoy

Claire manages to arrive on the fifth day. She will be mad when she gets home to find all her phone message space taken by my incessant pleadings. My heart aches when I see her, standing in the living room, baseball cap covering her luscious dark hair, her medium nostrils flared, her pale-ish skin reddening from this sun.

She stumbles in with her luggage on wheels and looks like she is about to piss me to hell. She opens her beautiful rosy lips to speak and I can only step forward before she says anything and devour her like I have been thirsty only for her air. She lets go of her backpack and her hat and her keys and her luggage and paws my ass and my hair.

I move my lips from hers long enough to swallow some breath and commence kissing her neck, moaning and whining all the while. Her soft slim fingers find their way up the front of my nightshirt to my erect nipple. This is a point where I wish I never wore clothes and I wish I hadn’t left and I wish she would be mad like this more often. I want to ingest her passion and burn my insides raw with her magic touches.

I bring her down to the floor like a spoiled child and pull my nightshirt over my head. An impatient moan claws out of my throat as I smell her thick smooth short dark hair. I need her in me, I need her smell and taste and touch in me. She pulls her shirt from around her breasts where I had managed to pull it and abandoned it when it would not come off fast enough. I break the clasp of her bra in the back and fill my palms with the strength and fullness of her yummy back. She shrugs the useless bra to the floor and grabs my braids at the nape of my neck, forcing my caramel throat to be exposed.

Lightly I feel her tongue trace my jugular and blow her warm breath across my neck. I get a burst of fireworks against the inside of my eyelids and the middle of my legs. I feel the low growl in her throat as she inhales the scent of talcum and sweat between my breasts.

“WANT!!!” is all I can hiss out as she lays my back against the hard floor and parts my legs, blowing cool air against my heat which makes me thrust my hips up, looking for her fantastic lips to meet me half way.

“ahhhhahhhh” because she is flicking her tongue against my clit and I am melting into her oblivion only like she can make me and I am crying ‘cause I’ve missed her, ‘cause she’s here now, ‘cause I’ve never let anyone touch me like she touches me.

“Claire…” and she is kissing my sensitive parts, bringing me back down, slow and slowly. She is winding her way back up, kissing my belly. She is anchoring me to this earth, sucking my nipples. She is resting her weight on me, letting me know it is okay, like she does every time afterwards.

“It’s fine, you are fine, we’re here.” And the tears come slowly at first, welling up, blurring my vision. She kisses my jaw and then my shoulders and wrap me in her arms and I ball up crying into her neck.

“You can be such a baby.” She says over her shoulder as she stokes the fire. I am sitting on the couch that came with the place, wrapped up in one of her bathrobes. I need to have as much of her close to me as possible. I hand her my half cup of tea. She sips it slowly and kisses my extended wrist. I place the cup on the floor and pull her close, kissing her freshly showered collar bone. She spreads her legs over me and straddles me on the couch. I trace the outside of her pussy lips and she stops me.

“Not until we talk.” Her voice sounds heavy with desire and I almost don’t oblige.

“What is it you think you are doing out here Saudi?” She is sitting next to me now, composing her robe.

“Trying to live my life Claire.”

“Running is not the answer babe, we’ve been here before.”

“I need to be here right now. I may come to some kind of realization that this may not be the place for me in a month or a year but I need to be out here either way.”

She nods like she does and shifts her weight.

“What about us?”

I look down at the floor, afraid that if I look at her I won’t be able to say anything necessary at all.

“I need you Claire. Despite all the bullshit I talk, you keep me reminded why I am alive, why I didn’t kill myself when I had all those crazy things going on in my life a few years ago. You’ve shown me how to love and be loved. You gave me back my life and although we both know we could walk away from it all tomorrow and kick ass out in this world separately, I know I wouldn’t be able to kick half as much ass if I didn’t have you here with me.”

It is entirely selfish. I know it but she loves me enough to trust what I’m doing and now she is moving down to Canyon Gulch, Arizona. She bitches about it sometimes and we both miss our people back home but the way things are now, we both have a better chance at living for us. And maybe now, I’ll be able to get all the rain I need.

© 2002 SJP
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