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Since this was such a big issue, I'd just like to share with you all what happened with that homophobic girl I posted about... I think this is a good sign... (I stopped being angry back towards her, and instead talked calmly and rationally.) This is an e-mail I just got from her...

Look. If you like being a lesbian, fine. I'll just have you know that I did NOT write that second survey result that said you were pieces of shit. I don't know who did, but some of my relatives were using my computer and I have a hunch that one of them may have written it. I'm sorry if I offended you. I still don't approve of your lifestyle, but heck, if you like it that way then I don't care. And had I known that you were a lesbian when I filled out that survey, I would have used *ehem* a better choice of words, I suppose, even though that is how I feel. I love everyone, even if I don't like the way they live. I'm so happy living the way I am now, and I wouldn't change a thing. So I'll stop harassing you. And one more thing. I think rainbows are pretty, not a sign that I support gays. THAT is why my site is in rainbows. I think it's ridiculous that rainbows are always associated with gays. What's next, Skittles being the Lesbian Mascot?

This letter has made me feel better... I am gonna write her back and tell her thank you for her apology, and I'll apologize for being so harsh in the first place. Ahhh... understanding and compromise is good. :)
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