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Wednesday, July 16th, 2008
4:11 am - Do Herding Dogs Make Good Pets? by Kevin Johns - ArticleCity.com
xobot5885 Do Herding Dogs Make Good Pets?
 by: Kevin Johns
It isn't so much a matter of physical exercise, although that would make them very happy and tired. Mental exercise is an absolute must for herding dogs. With proper training and socialization, they are wonderful pets.

Modern breed research and understanding suggests that even intelligent dogs need training. What happens to a lot of herding dogs that get taken to the shelters is that their owners don't bother to train them. They hear the breed is intelligent and expect it to train itself.

Also a lot of the shelter dogs are impulse buys from pet stores, flea markets and parking lots by people who have no understanding of what a herding breed needs. An untrained and unsocialized herding dog can be a nightmare for a family with young children because they can and often do become very protective and territorial.

That can lead to the dog acting out aggressively based on his natural protective instincts or based on his fear. This is a broad generalization and not all dogs will react this way, but a strong guardian instinct is part of the herding breed standard. This is not surprising because they have been bred since ancient times to guard the farm, ranch, family and livestock.

Positive reinforcement training and consistent socialization are essential to living in peace (and having peace of mind) with a herding dog breed.


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Tuesday, July 8th, 2008
5:11 pm - Horse Training: Does Your Horse Have The Feel?
xobot5885 Horse Training: Does Your Horse Have The Feel?
 by: Andy Curry
There's an old horse training saying.It says "your horse should have the feel."
Basically, that means if you're leadingyour horse with the lead rope, does he followyou with virtually no tugging on that lead rope?
As part of the breaking process a horseis taught to lead. That's a natural part of howto train a horse when you're a horse trainer.
when he does, the goal is to have himstep in sync (and stop) with you.
When you step, the lead rope has almostno "pull" on it.
That's the goal (in leading, anyway).
When your horse "feels" that pressurefrom the lead rope, he should move. Thus, hehas the feel.
If you've ever seen someone leadingtheir horse and they're tugging and pulling,the horse obviously doesn't have the feel.
Little does that person know he'steaching his horse to not lead with him.
So how do you get a good lead withthe horse?
There are lots of ways.
I'll try to describe one of my favorite horse training videos that showsPaul Esh doing this.
When filming Paul Esh for .SuperStarsOfHorseTraining.com, we caught him doing it like this:
You're standing beside your horse at approximately the neck area. You're on hisleft hand side.
You hold the lead rope in your righthand and point forward. (That's an alert tothe horse that something's about to happen).
Then with your left hand you twirl the end of the lead rope and lightly tap himwith it.
More 'n likely, that'll get his atten-tion and cause him to move.
So you'll point, take a step, and taphim with the rope.
Walk a little ways. Stop.
Wait a few moments and let him soak itin.
Do it again.
You'll find as you repeat this you soon won't have to tap him with the rope. He'llsee you point and he'll know to step.
And not too long after that, you won'thave to point and step because he'll know yourbody language and what he needs to do.
Ultimately, he'll have the "feel."
Before you do this with your horse, itis assumed you know him well enough that you'reconfident you can lead him close to you and hewon't jump on you.
If you're not at that stage yet, betterteach him to respect your space first. (That'salso one Paul taught in our Super Stars of HorseTraining filming)

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Saturday, June 28th, 2008
4:11 am - The Best Ways to Teach Your Puppy the English Language
xobot5885 The Best Ways to Teach Your Puppy the English Language
 by: Dy Witt
Puppies are eager and willing to do the right thing. They love your happy face and the squealy noises you make when they have done something great. They will do ANYthing to please you because of the loving rewards they get from being a Good Dog. They just cannot get enough of your praises and cuddles.
Moving towards "What a good dog!" from "Bad Puppy!" is based on one thing. Your puppy does not know the English language, and the faster he learns it, the better for all, because the minute he knows what you want he will DO it. Make it faster and easier for him to learn by keeping these tips in mind:
1. Be consistent in the words you choose to teach him commands. If you say, "Wanna go potty?" in the morning, and "Have to go out?" two hours later, and "Wanna go pee?" two hours later, etc., then that is THREE phrases you have asked him to learn in one day instead of only one. Decide which words to use, and make sure everyone in your family uses the same ones.
2. Use his name in the command if you want action, do NOT use it if you want him restricted from action. This is very important. Hearing his own name makes a puppy leap into action by his very nature. When you want your puppy to come, say, "Puppy, Come!" [insert his name instead of the word Puppy, of course] When you want him to lie down, simply say, "Down".
3. Do not confuse your puppy with the same words for different commands. If you are teaching him basic obedience, the word "Down" means LIE down, usually followed by "Stay." If you don't want him on the couch, do not say "Down", say, "Off." This word can be used to keep him from jumping up into your lap, onto the couch, chair or bed because it is the ACTION of jumping up you are trying to restrict. Saying "Down" when he jumps onto the couch will just make him lie down on the couch! See the difference?
Do not ever hit your puppy, you dont need to. The worst punishment he ever needs to learn a lesson is your sad frown and walking away from him. One or two minutes is the limit though, do not overdo this. After a minute of ignoring him, give a command he knows well and praise praise praise, with a big smile.
These three tips, used with gentleness and consistency, will teach your puppy all the words he needs to know to be a happy and obedient companion in a matter of days.

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Sunday, June 22nd, 2008
11:11 am - Do You Know Your Dog?
xobot5885 Do You Know Your Dog?
 by: MyPetSupplyOnline.com
Dogs thrive on positive direction and are extremely social animals. Over the years, the breeds have been protected and perfected. The outcome is a breed who have a deep foundation within the respectful human dog relationship. This is why the respected relationship is the most significant factor between pet and pet owner. As such, a good relationship between dog and man is built on trust and honor.
In such a relationship the dog is guided and not pushed to understanding himself naturally. By doing this, a pet owner is committing themself into truly understanding who the dog species really is. This is first developed by understanding the dog and its history.
Within a dogs pack are its inner circle of friends. This consists of both human, the pet owner and family, and dogs, either friend or sibling. We know this because all dogs are derived from the wolf, who are social-pack animals. By understanding and studying the wolf, we gain a deeper knowledge of the dog's human relationship; where the canine views those humans he lives with as pack members. By recognizing and understanding this simple yet crucial fact you now understand and know 95% more about the true dog than the average pet owner. This will lead to the best possible training of a puppy through the inclusion of the dog in the pack and naturally developing a pecking order with your dog.
What about the alpha dog? Is this for real or is it another dog myth? By all scientific documentation the alpha male is for real and is a common fact. All wolf packs have an alpha male that can be seen as the head boss. They can take on single or multiple roles depending on each pack that can be: leadership, setlling fights between pack members, dictator, etc... All other wolves look to the alpha male dog for leadership and guidance and therefore create a stable "family pack relationship." If you've got a dog who hasn't be trained properly and is the alpha of your house a change is needed. There should be no question in your dog's mind tha you are the alpha and he is the subordinate. You must present yourself as a leader starting with the first impression.
When dealing with your dog, an enormous amount of communication is sent through body language. One important way alphas command respect is with authority in their eye contact. Gentle looks will signify acceptance and stern dominant expressions will demand respect and compliance. This is done through various training techniques to aid the dog in establishing and making eye contact with its owner. Training in general should start the day the little puppy enters the world. Dog training should be a complete life experience for the dog focusing on the big picture and the human dog relationship. This is different than the basic sit, roll over, shake, stay and find commands and requires much more than breaking a dog through disciplinary actions and reward systems. When the inner pack relationship is established between owner and dog, an unbreakable and non-duplicated bond is formed. This bond is not done justice with words but is known by many pet owners throughtout our world.

good site. I like it! English Mastiff breeding and Whelping facts

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Tuesday, June 17th, 2008
5:11 am - Western Saddle Rigging Demystified
xobot5885 Western Saddle Rigging Demystified
 by: William R. Savage
Explanations as to how to rig a western saddle often go into much more detail than is really needed by the recreational rider. Rigging is quite basic in concept although it should be noted that in installing the rigging the saddlemaker must be very careful and precise in doing it correctly. While the basic function of the rigging is to attach the saddle to the horse, this must be done correctly.
Ask a little kid (or someone who draws "stick pictures" like I do) to draw a horse with a saddle on it. The cinch will probably be depicted as dropping down from the center of the saddle and going around the middle of the horse's belly. This would seem natural and in fact the "old timey saddles" of the 19th century were essentially rigged this way. It's called Center Fire rigging and requires a rather wide cinch (6-8 inches) to keep the cinch in place.
The evolution of Rigging Design
Like so many other parts of a saddle, the rigging got to where it is today largely through evolution. Someone would change something that needed changing, experiment a bit, and come up with a new "design". Circumstances relating to the use of the saddle would often dictate the need for changes in the approach to the rigging.
With the advent of the saddle horn as an aid in roping, Center Fire rigging was found to have some disadvantages. Rope the calf and stop the horse and the saddle would tend to be pulled forward with the cantle perhaps rising. The answer to the problem was found in Full Rigging where the position of the cinch is directly below the fork or pommel rather than at the center of the seat. Tightening the cinch on a full-rigged saddle actually pulls the saddle forward slightly while also pulling it down so the saddle is pulled into the low part of the horses back. If you look closely at the full-rigged saddle you'll note that the cinch doesn't drop straight down but comes forward at a slight angle, going around the horse's sternum rather than the center of the belly.
Full rigging still had some disadvantages as a roping saddle and as a recreational saddle when traveling over rough terrain. The cantle would tend to rise when going downhill or roping a calf. Texas cowboys are credited with solving the problem by the addition of a billet or back cinch attached in a line below the cantle. Add the back cinch and you have Double Rigging, with a front cinch only you have Single Rigging.
Further refinements were made with either the performance of the horse or comfort of the rider in mind, or both. If your cinch is halfway between the cantle and the pommel you have Center Fire Rigging, if the cinch is under the pommel you have Full Rigging - but you know that already. What if the cinch is three quarters of the way from the cantle? The answer - a Three Quarters Rigged saddle - seven eights of the distance (i.e. about at the rear of the pommel - a Seven Eights Rigged saddle).
What about a saddle with a rear cinch only? I haven't seen any write-ups on that one although somewhere along the line someone may have experimented with the idea. They may not have lived to tell about it! In any event don't try it.
Knowledge is Power - Impress Your Friends
Armed with the above knowledge you can impress your friends with your knowledge of saddlery by taking them with you to the saddle shop and asking to see what they have in the way of a "seven-eights single rigged saddle" . You likely won't impress the shop owner since that's how the majority of saddles are rigged nowadays. Actually seven-eights with either single or double rigging are the most popular configurations.
You could also ask for a double rigged center fire saddle in which case the shop owner would likely roll his eyes and talk about you long after you've left. The reason - with center fire rigging a back cinch is so close to the front cinch that it serves no practical purpose.
Single or Double Rigging?
Double rigging adds stability which is an advantage if you're going to be riding in very rough couontry (ups and downs) much of the time. Otherwise, the back cinch is "just another piece of leather to worry about" according to some, and they prefer single rigging for that reason.
Rings and Clamps
There are several ways in which rigging is attached to the tree or the skirt. If you're buying a quality saddle I wouldn't worry too much about O-rings, D-rings, or plates. Sit in the saddle and see if it's comfortable and then decide if seven-eights or whatever is right for you.
Copyright © 2005 W. Savage. All Rights Reserved.

Last page about - Silos Manufacturers

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Wednesday, April 20th, 2005
7:11 pm - Sacred


she is the rhythm I hummmmm...mmmmm...hmmmmmmm

She is the bead of water slipping past my shoulder
as I shower

She is the soap that lathers my fingers
that graces my skin
that freshens and cleanses me


She is the stare from eyes
the never lie
that watch my womyn curves

and understands


She is the song in my movements

the notes that call forth the womyn-ness
of my sway and gentle rocking,

the sultry way I entice
and mesmerize her with this body...


She is the voice that moans from my
throat in angelic tones
that intone
the prayer chants at high noon

She is the reason
I am most proud to be woman.

© 2005 Sandra Jean-Pierre

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Sunday, January 30th, 2005
4:53 pm - Dark Epiphany

I want the dark-haired beauties

the olive,

the ones who'll curse someone
and love you with the same
lips that kiss life to your parts

I want the dark-eyed
soft hearted/fuck you
in the same breath

the under-rated sapphires
in this diamond glittered town

I want the
calculating senoritas

the ones that can
make you dinner and
break your heart
like a drop of a plate
the slice of a knife
a caress of their hand...

but they won't
cause they understand the power
of pussy and love and lust
that they have over you...

over you...

over me...

I want the hard hitting
the ones that can melt my heart
by smiling
in recognition of my vulnerabilities
and that she's gotten a rare
privilege to see me,
like this,
naked and open and willing and
painfully needing and trying
trying, the only ways I know how
to let her know how much she has changed my life...

I want the creamSplashedWithCappuccino
the ones with a cold streak
of hungry sex in their voice
at ten-in-the-fuckin-morning

... yeah...


I want you.

© 2005 SandraJP

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Tuesday, June 8th, 2004
3:52 pm - PJ HARVEY - UH HUH HER
dubaboutme hello everyone,
checking out this community i noticed many of its interests were close to Pj Harvey :
i though this link could interest you, it's about UH HUH HER, her new album
(you can find there many goodies, videos, informations and a nice contest :)
click here if you feel interested :
Bannière www.pjharvey-uhhuhher.com

i'm sorry if you've already seen this link,
or if this post doesn't fit the community : if so, don't hesitate to delete it.
thank you very much, and have a nice visit !

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Tuesday, February 3rd, 2004
1:13 pm - new website

my new website is now online:



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Monday, December 22nd, 2003
9:23 pm - Entangled

hip-joints sore
but I won’t begin
by complaining

$350.00 Armani suit
scattered on the floor,
but I won’t continue on

the weight of your torso
between my butterfly-ed legs
your breasts resting on my steady belly
head dozing on my tender breasts

but I won’t bore you
with cum-plete details
of how I find myself

waking up to being entangled
in you

… hours later, I stroke my index finger
beneath my nose and smell your
elixir still permeating my skin

entangled in you

for days later
I find I need to ease into my seat
to keep my hips from feeling like
they’ve been on punishment
for keeping my thighs closed

cause I am so entangled
in your

and machisma and

the way your breasts give your
suits a new dimension

and the way you
align yourself to my feelings

the way you stroke my cheek
just to say, I care - I’m here

I want to always wake up
to being opened
entangled in you.

© 2003 Sandra Jean-Pierre

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Sunday, August 31st, 2003
9:08 am - New Community

Hello All!!

There is a new community in the midst:


Come on in and check it out!

Also check out


who is the maintainer!

See you there!


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Sunday, August 10th, 2003
10:22 pm - And she waits…

Like there is anything else I have known.
Ravioli making heartburn tracks in my chest…
I wait. Like there is anything else to do.
And maybe that’s just it - the waiting, so much, too much of it in what seems like too much of the time.
And I think -
About the urgency, and how on a good day, I would have graced her lips
Perhaps ten times. Stolen her cell phone from the left pocket of her trousers’ where she thinks no one knows it’s kept - her life line to her life but I would have taken the chance to yank it from her and to make her come to visit to get it back.
Meeting in back stairwells, where secrets die from suffocation
I would grab her clean shaven neck
Relishing the rough stubble from a few days fresh cut
Pausing a moment, before lips to lips and hips to hips and breasts to breasts touch-
our tongues, unleashed into enemy territory
As I inhale the scent of her newness to me
And I have one question to ask of inquiry
Just … why has it taken so long for me to find this… that I knew exists…
© 2003 Sandra Jean-Pierre

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Sunday, June 22nd, 2003
8:30 pm - Yearnings

The longer version is found on my journal mtaiilauren, this is just a snipet. Enjoy

Claire manages to arrive on the fifth day. She will be mad when she gets home to find all her phone message space taken by my incessant pleadings. My heart aches when I see her, standing in the living room, baseball cap covering her luscious dark hair, her medium nostrils flared, her pale-ish skin reddening from this sun.

She stumbles in with her luggage on wheels and looks like she is about to piss me to hell. She opens her beautiful rosy lips to speak and I can only step forward before she says anything and devour her like I have been thirsty only for her air. She lets go of her backpack and her hat and her keys and her luggage and paws my ass and my hair.

I move my lips from hers long enough to swallow some breath and commence kissing her neck, moaning and whining all the while. Her soft slim fingers find their way up the front of my nightshirt to my erect nipple. This is a point where I wish I never wore clothes and I wish I hadn’t left and I wish she would be mad like this more often. I want to ingest her passion and burn my insides raw with her magic touches.

I bring her down to the floor like a spoiled child and pull my nightshirt over my head. An impatient moan claws out of my throat as I smell her thick smooth short dark hair. I need her in me, I need her smell and taste and touch in me. She pulls her shirt from around her breasts where I had managed to pull it and abandoned it when it would not come off fast enough. I break the clasp of her bra in the back and fill my palms with the strength and fullness of her yummy back. She shrugs the useless bra to the floor and grabs my braids at the nape of my neck, forcing my caramel throat to be exposed.

Lightly I feel her tongue trace my jugular and blow her warm breath across my neck. I get a burst of fireworks against the inside of my eyelids and the middle of my legs. I feel the low growl in her throat as she inhales the scent of talcum and sweat between my breasts.

“WANT!!!” is all I can hiss out as she lays my back against the hard floor and parts my legs, blowing cool air against my heat which makes me thrust my hips up, looking for her fantastic lips to meet me half way.

“ahhhhahhhh” because she is flicking her tongue against my clit and I am melting into her oblivion only like she can make me and I am crying ‘cause I’ve missed her, ‘cause she’s here now, ‘cause I’ve never let anyone touch me like she touches me.

“Claire…” and she is kissing my sensitive parts, bringing me back down, slow and slowly. She is winding her way back up, kissing my belly. She is anchoring me to this earth, sucking my nipples. She is resting her weight on me, letting me know it is okay, like she does every time afterwards.

“It’s fine, you are fine, we’re here.” And the tears come slowly at first, welling up, blurring my vision. She kisses my jaw and then my shoulders and wrap me in her arms and I ball up crying into her neck.

“You can be such a baby.” She says over her shoulder as she stokes the fire. I am sitting on the couch that came with the place, wrapped up in one of her bathrobes. I need to have as much of her close to me as possible. I hand her my half cup of tea. She sips it slowly and kisses my extended wrist. I place the cup on the floor and pull her close, kissing her freshly showered collar bone. She spreads her legs over me and straddles me on the couch. I trace the outside of her pussy lips and she stops me.

“Not until we talk.” Her voice sounds heavy with desire and I almost don’t oblige.

“What is it you think you are doing out here Saudi?” She is sitting next to me now, composing her robe.

“Trying to live my life Claire.”

“Running is not the answer babe, we’ve been here before.”

“I need to be here right now. I may come to some kind of realization that this may not be the place for me in a month or a year but I need to be out here either way.”

She nods like she does and shifts her weight.

“What about us?”

I look down at the floor, afraid that if I look at her I won’t be able to say anything necessary at all.

“I need you Claire. Despite all the bullshit I talk, you keep me reminded why I am alive, why I didn’t kill myself when I had all those crazy things going on in my life a few years ago. You’ve shown me how to love and be loved. You gave me back my life and although we both know we could walk away from it all tomorrow and kick ass out in this world separately, I know I wouldn’t be able to kick half as much ass if I didn’t have you here with me.”

It is entirely selfish. I know it but she loves me enough to trust what I’m doing and now she is moving down to Canyon Gulch, Arizona. She bitches about it sometimes and we both miss our people back home but the way things are now, we both have a better chance at living for us. And maybe now, I’ll be able to get all the rain I need.

© 2002 SJP

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Sunday, June 1st, 2003
6:53 pm - Hands

My hands…
like unsuspecting
trigger explosions
on the landscape of your body
slow motion
as my semi calloused
glide across
of your skin,
un abating
to your tides and tremors
I begin
my work
of soothing out
your pains and hurts
of kneading out the trauma
from your back…

My simple hands
keep secret
the shames
only your belly has been
able to scream
and I can’t seem
to keep track
of the nightmares
and degradations
that fall away from your shoulder blades
as my fingers
untangle the fear and faith
from your thighs.

In small successive waves
my palm-flats
soothe away
the hard day from around
your neck and eyes
and I can’t seem to get enough of your
soul-healing sighs.

As we lay
side by side
I realize how humbling
this is
how necessary these moments are
for me-
to be part
of the remolding
re birthing
- of you.

Peeling back the protective exterior
and revealing your strength anew
as I pray these moments never cease
cause they keep me
loving you
the exact way
I know that you need me to.

So allow me
allow me the pretense
of your hips and elbows,
the circumstance
of your
quivering lips
and flared nose
the envy of the angels
and the devil himself
- your soul
While these simple hands
hold on
hold on

© 2003 Sandra Jean-Pierre

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Thursday, March 20th, 2003
1:06 pm - In Two Parts

This poem is in Tribute to C(&L) for supporting and encouraging me in ways I thought a Dude and his chick could not... even though I've yet to meet this wonderful Chick of yours that allows you to nurture me.

This is also in tribute to J, who it is that I write of and who keeps me inspired simply by being who it is that she is.
- S

She is his Princess
and he is her Prince
and there’s this knowledge
he is dropping about similarity Vs. difference
theory proven – opposites can attract

and I’m listening to the fairytale-ness of hearts flying
and knowing you’ve found something good…

and I am startled
by every email he sends
-understand that we are just friends
-every email he sends
shedding light on my darkness…

‘cause my heart hasn’t bought the
theory that, yes
even I can love anyone I please
or that I deserve to have
anyone love me back…

that was true
in the person’s mind
who fed me those starvation lines
right along with
the deceit
the self-doubt
the hopeless desperation

that kept me POW
-even after he died

but this Prince of
this Princess

is diggin’ me
he’s feelin’
see, to comfort me

pulling the horns
of those demons free from my mind…

opening the unlocked gate
and letting me go…

into the pond of her hazel eyes
that stare back at me

and I…

I want...
what it is in her...
that makes me want
to be under her skin...
to smell like the crevices of her touchpalesundeprived ness
all over ...

I want
what it is
that gives me orgasms when I think of her
and oh
ohhh ohhhmmmmm
it feels like melting into the sky
while falling into the universe of her hazel eyes

I ...
the smile on her lips
glossed down with pinkness
to taste the taste of her tongue on mine
I'd give just about anything

Her hands...
I'd train
to roam over me freely
to hold onto me dearly
while I mew out her name in
vibrations down her naked back…
where my finger imprints have left their signature
I'd kiss those sugar spots away...
into the night

so greedy
for her
so shamed I feel
for this
and I want
to do it all
while her breath fills my lungs
and I feel I can inhale no longer...

my heart is crying for her
my heart is crying for her touchingholdingcaringloving-ness
as I run daydreams of the morning after
while I hold her soft hair in my moist palm
and I want
to be
the one
that wakes
to her eyesight-reflections in the morning
so that when I look into her soul
I see only me
looking into her
looking into me

© 2003 Sandra Jean-Pierre

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Thursday, January 16th, 2003
9:15 am

Thanks eMilly for the link to this. i know I've been AWOL for a while, what with the gestating, but this is TOO much. I cannot believe this. If RvW is overturned I'm moving to Canada and I'm NOT kidding. I will not raise a child in a country that has so little respect for women.

Please read this article and get out and get vocal on January 19th. I'm going to check the Planned Parenthood and NOW sites to see if there's anything scheduled on the mall and I'm taking my pregnant ass out to stand against this.

Bush declares National Sanctity of Human Life Day
Roe v. Wade anniversary approaches
Wednesday, January 15, 2003 Posted: 11:32 AM EST (1632 GMT)

Bush: "Every child is a priority and a blessing."

WASHINGTON (CNN) -- In a move praised by conservatives and criticized by abortion rights activists, President Bush declared January 19 "National Sanctity of Human Life Day."

Tuesday's presidential proclamation was issued in advance of next week's 30th anniversary of the Roe v. Wade Supreme Court decision, which legalized abortion in the United States. Conservatives have sought for years to overturn that decision.

Bush, who has supported various abortion restrictions, called on all Americans on Sunday to "reaffirm the value of human life and renew our dedication to ensuring that every American has access to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness."
Please read the rest of the articleCollapse )

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Monday, August 19th, 2002
5:38 pm

Hi, I just thought I'd finally post something because I don't wanna seem like a total lurker. Um..so this is my mini-intro... I'm Frances, I'm 16 and I live in England. I'm working on something to post up here soon but I just can't seem to finish it right.
I've just stopped being really busy so I'm going to spend some time on it and hopefully post it soon.
Hugs to all!

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Friday, July 19th, 2002
6:15 pm - Tell Me

Clit to mouth
hand to hand
and I am wondering
where my breath went
and I'm wanting
to know how
high your ceiling
and what's the best way
to get there.

(c) 2002 SJP

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Monday, June 17th, 2002
7:36 pm

I have a house to build…
I have a house to build and a partner to marry…
… a partner to marry and a life to give life to
breath to
love to…
… I saw it,
I saw it, did I tell you?
my round walled house and my stocky energetic partner
my jacues pepin kitchen and my martha stewart pantry and closets

with her…
sleeping behind me
and her arm across my belly as we sleep in the breezy cool
window open summer heatness

and I looking deep into her reflective eyes
kissing her lips as she blessed my scars and broken heartedness
with her sure kisses

… I saw it… I finally saw it.

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Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
7:25 pm - Update

Since this was such a big issue, I'd just like to share with you all what happened with that homophobic girl I posted about... I think this is a good sign... (I stopped being angry back towards her, and instead talked calmly and rationally.) This is an e-mail I just got from her...

Look. If you like being a lesbian, fine. I'll just have you know that I did NOT write that second survey result that said you were pieces of shit. I don't know who did, but some of my relatives were using my computer and I have a hunch that one of them may have written it. I'm sorry if I offended you. I still don't approve of your lifestyle, but heck, if you like it that way then I don't care. And had I known that you were a lesbian when I filled out that survey, I would have used *ehem* a better choice of words, I suppose, even though that is how I feel. I love everyone, even if I don't like the way they live. I'm so happy living the way I am now, and I wouldn't change a thing. So I'll stop harassing you. And one more thing. I think rainbows are pretty, not a sign that I support gays. THAT is why my site is in rainbows. I think it's ridiculous that rainbows are always associated with gays. What's next, Skittles being the Lesbian Mascot?

This letter has made me feel better... I am gonna write her back and tell her thank you for her apology, and I'll apologize for being so harsh in the first place. Ahhh... understanding and compromise is good. :)

(desire me)

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